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About Aqua Technology Systems

Learn about Water pHPrivately-held Aqua Technology Systems is based in northcentral Wisconsin with a focus on water technologies. A patented platform technology developed by co-founders of ATS, has been shown useful for the treatment and separation of ordinary water into high pH and low pH streams. Because it is a platform technology, ATS is exploring multiple markets where the products have commercial value for individual, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers.

The basic benefit of the technology is the ability to treat and separate a single source water stream into separate high pH and low pH components without the use of chemicals. In addition, this treatment reduces the molecular nature of water to micro-clusters, which increases reactivity. The use of high pH water has been independently documented to provide many health benefits. Likewise, low pH water has capability to disinfect and sterilize solutions for use in health, agricultural, and food production applications.



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